Join Bm8

How to Apply for Bm8 Trialist status

+ ALL GAMES => Send email to with following info


-Real name



-What games you play

-Tell us something about yourself

+ WoT => Follow this link and CLICK on the applicationbutton and fill in some basic info about you

+ Once that has been done you will be contacted by one of our ADMINS with further instructions

+ It will take from 2 weeks to 6 month for you till we put you up for full Bm8 status VOTE

+ Here is the best ways of speeding up your status:

-Bm8 Forums (important)

-Bm8 TeamSpeak (very important)





Once we have done with voting for your full Bm8 membership:

+ If NO. We will inform you about what's, why.

+ If YES. We will ask you for following:

      - Introduce yourself to clan at 
Introductions section

      - Send a picture of yourself to (for Clan Roster)